Thursday, November 03, 2005

Here we are in Malaysia

Water demo with William...I'll never drink water the same again!

In front of Edmark Industries...

With the Crown Managers in the lobby of Times Square Hotel...great place!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Malaysia II

Our trip to Malaysia was quite an adventure. Fellow travellers' luggage did not arrive at our airport of deprature. That's about 20 pcs.! Beth pulled off her usual magic and got the flight operations manager to agree to send all the luggage to Kuala Lumpur provded someone stays behind. Way to go Jacob! At least it all caught up to us in KL.

The hotel we were in was nothing short of amazing. Times Square Hotel consists of 2 towers of luxurious hotel suites divided by a huge 7+ story mall. Starbucks had a very convenient free WiFi. (Of course.) Borders was a refreshing book stop with it's own Starbucks too! The only thing I missed at TSH was a free breakfast buffet that I would have expected from a place like that.

Roadways in KL were quite nice. Wide and fairly smooth.

This well developed infrastructure made me wonder about Singapore too. Does progress in Asian nations require strong, almost dictatorial, leadership? I think of Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew and PM Mahathir of Malaysia and Marcos of RP. Does the Philippines need another Marcos to move forward?