Monday, September 04, 2006

What a full weekend!

This weekend was so full! We finally moved everything out of storage and back to the house. The repairs and remediation of the house by Minto have been completed. After working from 7am to 12pm on Friday, we moved everything back in from 1pm until late evening. It was so tiring! But at least the kids have their room back and we now have furniture in the basement.

Then the following day, after working from 7am to 4pm, we rushed to prep for Beth and Ariel birthday party at 5pm. We had 8 guests from Toronto stay with us until today. And the house was full for the party. But we had a great time!

Then we held a small worship service at the house. It was the first time for us to do something like it in this house. But we got a good response. My aunt who attended offered her house to use as a place to stage these services to reach out to people. Awesome!

I toured our Toronto friends through the Byward Market, the Rideau Canal, Parliament Hill and Sparks Street Mall on foot. No wonder we were all so tired!

But God is good...and that will never change.