Friday, January 07, 2005

Aldersgate 2005

Just got back from Baguio City where we held the annual Aldersgate Spiritual Renewal Conference. Over 450 delegates. This is about half of what we normally got in the past years but I'm sure several uncontrollable factors accounted for this. The good thing about it is that it seemed about 80% of attendees were first timers. It felt like we were doing the first Aldersgate ever! The response was very pleasing to those of us on the Board. And....we ended up in the black! It was the most peaceful and stress-free conference we've done thus far.

I was amazed at the lingering impact of my opening message, "Be the Miracle." Even to the last day, people remembered the whole outline: Dream Big, Act Now, Stand Out, Hang On. Be the miracle.

Simple is powerful.


Weng said...

Sounds great. Already told some of my friends about this. Who else are gonna be performing? Anyway, see you there..

Weng said...

Disregard my previous note..

Anyway, I attended this Methodist church (UMC) in Alaminos, Pangasinan last weekend. I also had the chance to play the keyboards during the praise and worship portion of the service.

I didn’t know that you’re very popular there. They even sing songs from 220G (such as “True” and “My Heart Waits”) and songs that they learned from Aldersgate…They’re even more familiar with your songs than those of Hillsongs. (Really?)

Many of its members attended the conference last January or the year before that. They also shared a lot of good stuff about their experience there, giving them inspiration and encouragement. What is Aldersgate anyway?