Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Vision Launching!

Last Sunday was the conclusion of our vision month. It was awesome! We had record attendance and more than SRO seating!!!! It all felt like we were launching NuComm for the very first time! The energy was so high. Excitement and passion were kicking! Huhaaa!

We're getting batches of new people every week....and they're coming back the following weeks! We even have them consolidated into new cell groups! We got the big MO!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

Can you share to us a snapshot of the vision/s of NuComm? just curious.

I recently came across the website of Willow Creekers. They had a pretty interesting explanation about their vision/mission as well as their beliefs. Very encouraging, I must say.

Hey, maybe it’s time for NuComm to have its own website. What do you think?

I wish I could catch up with your preachings and the other recent developments in Nucomm. The last thing that I heard was your 4 simple lines (eg. Think big,……Hang On!) (See my comment on “Aldersgate 2005”)

Catch ya later

Josef Zabarte said...

Yo bro, that's a cool logo. Congratulations! Take care. HUUAAH!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Mark

This is Theiven I Send you email . Since I did not get any reply . I thought of dropping a line. you can mail me at

God bless


Anonymous said...

Sorry . I send you text :)