Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Back from LTBC 2005

Just got back from the EDMARK Leadership and Team Building Camp in La Vista, Pansol, Laguna. Spoke 7 times in the past 2 1/2 days! But it was an OUTSTANDING camp! I'll post some pics soon.


Anonymous said...

dear mr mark,


First i would like to thank u for being our teacher for the last 3 days seminar (EDMARK LTBC)& of course i would like to congratulate u for for an outstanding performance!!!

THe one that really struck me is the word that you give to us "IF U FALL-U STAND UP! DON'T GIVE UP!! IT gives an eye opener for me, how beautiful life is! We should be grateful that in our life we encounter problems, its the ingredients, the spices of life to be a strong person,a taught person!
Problems is a part of growing life! A Challeging life faces different problems and how u handle and solve it!

This 3 words helps me a lot! Thanks AND more power to ur career!

Edmark Staff (EDP DEPT)

Mark Juane said...

Cecille, thanks for the wonderful post. I enjoyed my self so much. The EDMARK staff are really a special group of people. Beth and I look forward to our continuing partnership together. Dream Big! Act Now! Stand Out! Hang On!


Anonymous said...

hello coach! i finally visit ur site and enjoyed it very much. I was at LTBC and one of those shouting OUTSTANDING! i considered it a privilege that seems i hadn't deserve and appreciated, but im still very glad for the opportunity to experience it. whatever! why? hir I am struggling the pressures, the neg trowing to me,no excuses,right coach? buti na lang andyan ang excellent coach,mr mark juane... Outstanding!i almost touch the sky. isnt it that astronauts do the same? no i dont want astronauts id rather be a mountaineer, even though that they r on top of the highest peak but their feet is still on the ground, just like u papa,este coach pala. thank u very much coach my dugout: kadesbernea@yahoo.com {gerryedmrktug}