Saturday, February 25, 2006

Just Like Heaven

Well here we are in Ottawa...finally. We're still unpacking and jetlagging but we're here. Over some pizza pockets, Micah-el said as only she can, "Canada is just like heaven." How different this new world is. And how different our life is going to be. Even when we were in the airport in Nagoya, I could feel the difference; as if the air seemed lighter. When we were making our final descent into Ottawa from Detroit, I was stunned when I looked out the window to see a snow-covered Ottawa with winter-dead trees and clear and bright cold sky. God, what have you gotten us into?

Two events marked the turning of the page of this new chapter in our lives. After we arrived in Ottawa, PGMA declared a State of Emergency. All classes in all levels were cancelled. The 20th Anniversary Celebration of EDSA 1 (which ousted then President Marcos) was dispersed. All rally gatherings were forbidden. Warantless arrests were made. Gosh! I go away for just one day and the country falls apart! LOL

The second event happened a few hours ago. Over dinner, our house was shaken by an Ottawa! We couldn't believe it. But this must have some kind of significance for us. Unrest followed by an earthquake half a world apart.

Then i remembered Acts 4 where another nation was in a state of emergency and an earthquake jolted them as well. And they were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the Word of God boldly (Acts 4:31).

Maybe Mic-mic was right....this is like heaven.

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