Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's a small world!

Yesterday, I found out that Katherine -a co-worker at Starbucks- was my neighbor when we were living in 3682 St. Joseph Blvd! I lived there from the time I began high school until I left for the Philippines. Her dad used to help us a lot with handyman stuff in the house. I can't believe how small the world really is. Katherine was just a baby when I was living there through high school.

Amazing! This cannot be coincidence. It must be a God-thing....especially since Katherine had invited me out for drinks with her and Joe (another co-worker) after work. It was really nice to be invited to hang out with them. And the conversation we had about spiritual seeking, the abuse of religion, and what following Jesus really means over shots of tequila and beer was remarkable. In the end, Katherine said to please invite her to the new church we're starting.

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