Saturday, June 17, 2006

Fishing Lessons

Just got back from a half day of fishing in Smiths Falls, Ontario. We were 9 guys in all. I caught about 3 fish over the 5 hours that we were there. In the end, we had to let them all go. I spent most of the time feeding the fish with my worms than actually threatening to catch any of them. It's the only explanation why they weren't biting by noontime. They were full!

Here are a few lessons I learned about fishing and evangelism:

1. A key to successful fishing is timing. You have to get out there when the fish are hungry even if it means being inconvenienced by a really early wake up call. Evangelism Lesson: Share with people when they are most hungry to hear about Jesus. And remember, disconnected people don't come to Christ at your convenience.

2. Fishing gets your hands really dirty especially when you're using worms for bait. I poked several new holes in my fingers hooking worms for bait. Evangelism Lesson: Be ready to get dirty when you do evangelism.

3. Use the right bait for the right fish. I didn't get any results when I switched to lures half way through. These fish (pike, bass, pickerel) liked worms. Evangelism Lesson: Make sure to position the message of Jesus in a way that interests disconnected people.

4. Use the hook in the right way. I fed most of the fish with my worms because they learned how to eat the bait without getting hooked. Fishing is useless if you can't get the fish hooked. Evangelism Lesson: The primary purpose of evangelism is not to entertain people but to cause them to respond in repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Don't settle for anything less.

Care to add anything else to this list?

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Al said...

I can think of at least one in two parts:
Patience and Commitment: When fishing, if you give up after the first half hour because the fish aren't biting, you'll rarely catch anything. You need to wait patiently, (yelling at the fish won't help!) and be ready to stay for a while. Evangelism Lesson: Evangelism takes patience and commitment. You can't let yourself get discouraged if the fish arent biting and just leave. Examine your bait and technique, but if all that is in order, then sometimes all that's needed is time. People don't always jump at what you say when presenting the cross, but patience and commitment to see it through will benefit you in reaping the Word you've planted.