Sunday, June 04, 2006

Terror in Canada

On June 2, 2006, Canadian authorities arrested 17 Muslims in Toronto who had imported 3 tonnes of ammonium nitrate (explosives material). It was the largest anti-terrorism operation conducted by more than 400 police officers. The incident has sent shock waves amidst Canadians. Recently, a mosque was vanadalized - supposedly as a reaction to this incident.

What is so shocking is that these Muslim "terrorists" come from reportedly upstanding families who have been Canadians for decades. These people grew up and lived in Canadian democracy all their lives. And yet, they bought in to fundamentalist muslim doctrine. It goes to show how powerful ideology and religion can transcend one's social environment.

To me, this shows that social conditioning is truly powerless in changing people's hearts. Only the cross of Jesus Christ can bring the deepest transformation at the heart level. It isn't a matter of religion but of the power of Christ's love and grace applied to the human heart.

What could have changed the hearts of these 17 Muslims? Frankly, Jesus. Period. Think of Saul, the terrorist who targeted disciples of Christ invading their homes and putting them in prison, who became Paul, the apostle, who gave his life for the cause of Jesus Christ. How? His heart had been invaded by Jesus.


Gregg Stearns said...


Your comments are right on! Only a life transformed by Christ can experience true change.

Today here in the U.S. our Senate voted on a gay marriage ammendment - trying to define a marriage as only between one man and one woman. I sent postcards to my Senators, urging them to vote "yes".

However, I also realize that Christians cannot hope that laws nor a man-made Constitution (no matter how firmly based on a Judeo-Christian ethic), is going to change society. We can pass all the laws we want to (thus imitating a certain 1st century Jewish religious party), but in the end, it won't change people's hearts. As people see your life and mine radically transformed by Jesus, and His love reaching out to them through us, then they will accept or reject His truth. And only if they accept it will they be changed. And only then will society be made any different.

Keep up the good work, bro! Great to see it.


Mark Juane said...

Thanks, bro! Good to hear from you. More and more, I am convinced the only true answer to the problems of humanity is Christ. You might want to check out the thread of posts titled "In Search of Jesus." I was surprised with what I found!

Joey said...

Yo bro,

Totally agree with you. Righteousness cannot be legislated. Moralilty cannot be forced down anyone's throat. Truth to tell, true morality (aka righteousness) is impossible.. without Christ.