Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mark is home.

Got back to Ottawa on Monday night. I'm glad to be home with Beth and the kids.

My engagement at Beacon UMC went well. It was the first time we offered my teaching DVD, "Hearts on Fire: Apostolic Roots of the Methodist Church" for sale. I was encouraged to see the response. I didn't really push fact, I almost forgot to mention it to Alan, the pastor of Beacon UMC.

Now we get back to the grind of designing my new website and registering the new ministry.


Anonymous said...

Thank you pastor mark for inspiring my life and for drawing me closer to Jesus.

You can't imagine how much you've influenced me through your blogs, preachings (esp. the youth congress), recommended books (my favorite of w/c is "Pour Your Heart Into It" by Howard Shultz), and even with the way you worship. Your passion for God and for the cause is so contagious.

Many people were so blessed and pumped up by the Youth Congress. I just can't get enough of hearing the words "Forgiveness", "DNA", "Anak ng Diyos", "Dream Big", "Act Now", "Stand Out". These are simple words yet so powerful. oh yeah, btw, some folks can't forget their water rugby experience (some people call it as the "Breaking of the Leg" encounter was very entertaining though...haha..They probbly want a rematch...

Dude, hope you won't slow down..keep on making a difference in other people's lives. See you again..


Mark Juane said...

Thanks, Weng. It's extremely encouraging to know these things. I'm in the process of developing my own website which will include a new blog. This should be up and running before the end of June.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to be with you and the Youth Congress.

Dream Big,

Pastor Mark