Monday, June 16, 2008

More Roaring Lambs

Here are a few more excerpts from chapter two of Roaring Lambs. The title is Salt: Make Use of It...

...the salt Jesus had in mind is stinging, biting, cleansing, and preserving and is anything but dull, anything but tame. To the kind of salt Christ spoke about is to be on the cutting edge, in the fray, at the forefront of battle.

The way to be salt is to replace evil with good, not just to sound off against the evil.

We do not have to be the best to be effective, but we have to be at our best.

Being a roaring lamb is not about special days, special emphases, special people, and special professions. Rather, it is about everyday people doing everyday jobs with a very special goal---that of effectively representing Christ in all areas of society. Our churches should exist for this.

I love how this challenges us to do ordinary things with an extraordinary purpose. That last sentence that our churches should exist for this is so right on. As a leader and equipper in the Church, my main goal ought to be to glorify God by equipping God's people to shine (or in this case, to be salty) in real life.


Jon Juane said...

Mark, this is some fantastic life-inspiring stuff!!

I need to pick up a copy of this book. this blog post reminds me of something i heard at church last night when the preacher was talking about the church in Acts 2.

He talks about how the community was living in a radically generous way because of the impact Jesus had on their lives. Their faith was expressed through counter-cultural life-giving actions... huuuge. that's a salty church!

Mark Juane said...

Sounds like the preacher gets it! :-)

God's people ought to be the culture-shapers we're supposed to be. After all, Jesus is Lord of all!