Wednesday, December 22, 2004

In Search of Soul

Had coffee with DJ Benjo today. Gained a lot of insight regarding the club and rave scene. Had him give me a little history lesson on the music.

Two main families for music in the club scene. New York is where "Garage" music came from which has its roots in disco...the Jersey garage sound. Then some key guys from New York brought the grooves to Chicago, the home of the blues! They opened a place called The Warehouse which is where we derive "house" music from.

This all started because people felt that music was too commercialized. They wanted freedom...from commercialism and freedom to express themselves the way they wanted to.

What strikes me is that this music, as with all true music and musicians, comes out of a specific philosophy of life and particular ideals.

And this started me thinking...

There are so few true musicians out there! Most people are technicians not artists! They work so hard to sound like a certain musician or a certain band. They're so busy trying to sound like someone else that they never find their own sound. But its more than finding your own sound. Coz music is about expressing a personal philosophy of life; passionately fleshing out your particular ideals!

It's about a journey to discovering and expressing your own soul!!!

Too many "musicians" never embark on this journey. They never seek out their souls. They may play good licks and develop cool sounds and may even have some smooth vibes.

But only true artists play from the soul!

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