Friday, December 10, 2004

Lessons from Starbucks (part 2)

Howard Schultz shares about how he had to reinvent himslef 3 times as Starbucks grew into the Billion dollar industry it is today. He started off as a dreamer. He was the entrepreneur who had the dream to change the way the world looked at coffee. Then he had to learn new skills and become a professional manager as they began opening a store every business day. When Starbucks grew even bigger, Schultz had to reinvent himself as leader. Yesterday I found out that he reinvented himself yet again since the printing of his book. He now functions as the Chief Global Strategist for Starbucks!

They sure don't teach you how to reinvent yourself in college or in business school! If you're gonna grow your organization, you have to grow with it. Listen and learn!!!

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