Monday, February 28, 2005

Dating, Mating & Waiting (part 3)

What do you do if you're single? A LOT!!!!

Marriage is not the ultimate state of existence.

Single people are not second class members of society!

All of you marriage addicts, shut up while the rest of us throw up!!!

It is possible to idolize marriage even as a married person, you know?!?!

To all you single people out there...on behalf of all married people AND all the Christian books on marriage...MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES!!!!

Aiiight?! Ya feeel me?!

A word to the single and the singled...its not about finding someone who "completes" you ala Jerry MacGuire. It's about finding the right vibe in your life where you can have undivided devotion to Christ.

Sniff...snifff....You had me at, "Hello."


chris said...

Thanks a lot for posting the highlights of your 3-part message on "Dating, Mating & Waiting". Now I can share this website to my friends who are struggling in this area.

Mark Juane said...

Your most welcome, Chris! Hope to see you often on this site.