Monday, February 28, 2005


Make each day a masterpiece!

Is your "next act" (presentation, goal statement for your current project) up to the Cirque du Soleil Standard? Is today a "Masterpiece"?

-Tom Peters

Got this from Tom Peter's website. Great thought!


chris said...

The message this morning is aptly titled, "pagbabalik-loob". I thought God was speaking to me directly after the emotional turmoil I went throught last month. A return to one's inner self and restoring genuine relationships make us whole again. I really neglected my relationship with God and focused on creating a new one with a person that I barely know. The result was disappointment and depression. Good thing I attended the service. By the way, it was nice meeting you pastor. As you put it, finally we were "formally" introduced. Anyway, you probably don't remember who I am, with the tons of people around. I'm just a faceless person in your church. Hopefully, I will attend next Sunday.

Mark Juane said...


You're not a faceless peson anymore. I do remember who you are since you're the only person to whom I was finally "formally" introduced. In fact, I think I was the one who introduced myself! Hahaha!

I'm really glad that you've been coming all the way to NuComm. As I said before, I hope you make a lot of friends at NuComm and that you continue to experience God's grace and love.